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New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE)

The New York State Teacher Certification Exam (NYSTCE) is New York State's premier educator licensure test. The NYSTCE is a suite of exams that are criterion referenced and objective based. The test is needed to certify all K-12 teachers with specific tests challenging the unique skills for each subject area and grade level. It was designed to ensure that the educators working in New York are up to a certain level of quality. It is a necessary requirement to becoming an educator in New York.

The NYSTCE aims to both identify and certify prospective New York-based educators. The test challenges its participants in relevant areas on the subjects that they would be teaching coupled with the general responsibilities of an educator working in New York Public schools.

Read on to find out more about NYSTCE exam dates, report dates, NYSTCE scores, and testing strategies.

NYSTCE Registration and Exam Dates

The first step to registering for the NYSTCE is to make an account through the official website. From that account, one can schedule, pay, and receive NYSTCE exam results. Registration in a timely manner is incredibly important, as each test has a limited number of seats, and securing a seat for a desired test date is a matter of first-come, first -serve.

Tests generally cost $122, but can range from $65-$165. Rescheduling does not incur any extra fees, and any test can be rescheduled as long as they are rescheduled at least 24 hours before the test date.

If one needs to cancel an exam date instead, then as long as the test is canceled at least 24 hours prior, a full refund will be given out within the week.

Most tests are available year-round, Monday through Saturday, with some variance. The official website for the NYSTCE has an excellent tool to check test dates. It should also be noted that tests are not offered on some state holidays; make sure to check with locally observed holidays to avoid any potential scheduling conflicts.

Tests are conducted in person at Pearson testing centers. These centers are scattered all across the state so there are plenty of options for prospective test takers.

NYSTCE Scores and Strategies

NYSTCE test scores are broken up into two scoring categories. They are either on a scale of 100-300 points with a passing score of 220, or on a scale of 400-600 with a passing score of 520. The vast majority of tests will fall into the 400-600 category.

The other 100-300 tests include:

  • Elementary ATS-W
  • Secondary ATS-W
  • Bilingual Education Assessments
  • Communication and Quantitative Skills Test
  • Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills Test
  • School District Leader Part One (103)
  • School District Leader Part Two (104)
  • School District Business Leader Part One (105)
  • School District Business Leader Part Two (106)
  • Safety Net Content Specialty Tests

Testing and test anxiety can be hurdles, but if one has proper expectations and shrewd study tactics, then there is nothing to be concerned about.

Tests will have a mix of ''selected response items'' and ''constructed response items.'' Selected response items take the form of multiple-choice questions, or questions where there are answers to choose from. Constructed response items on the other hand ask the test taker to articulate and form their answer. Each test is slightly different in its composition -- some are only selected response -- so make sure to know how the test is formatted.

There are also plenty of practice exams and other resources available online. Practice exams are highly recommended, as they allow one to become familiar with how the NYSTCE exams are structured. It is also advisable to focus one's studying: recognizing weaknesses and gaps in knowledge can give ample direction.

If one is still enrolled in school, advisors and other college faculty are great assets, as they will have keen insight into the NYSTCE and successful study habits

Study time will vary from person to person, and will depend largely on gaps of knowledge for the test. Only the individual will know for sure when they are ready.

NYSTCE Score Report Dates and Information

NYSTCE score dates range anywhere from 2-5 weeks after the test is taken. NYSTCE test score dates depend on testing windows, which are periods when tests can be taken. Most exams have two testing windows per month and one score report date associated with each. For instance, the score for a test taken between March 28th and April 10th will typically be available April 27th.

In the event of a failing exam score, one can still reschedule their exam 60 days after the previous exam. Additionally, the NYSTCE can be taken as many times as needed until a passing score is achieved; there is no limit.

While there is no effect on long-term licensure opportunities from a failed NYSTCE test, scheduling and studying should still be taken very seriously. In the event of a failed score, employment and job opportunities will be pushed 2-3 months out because of that 60-day mandatory period between retakes. As stated before, retakes are unlimited, but one's time to find a job is not.

The other variable that needs to be considered is cost. It is possible to receive a voucher after failing, however that is rather unlikely. The tests usually cost $122 each time they are scheduled; it is not a one-time cost.

With these factors in mind, proper study habits are key. There are some ideas and strategies given in the section above.

If the NYSTCE score reports a pass, then that requirement for teacher certification for the state of New York is complete. Retakes are not allowed for participants with a passing score for this reason. Individual scores have no influence over employment. The next step will depend on where one is at in the process; be sure to be in contact with the desired school district or faculty advisor for next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the highest possible score on the NYSTCE?

    For the vast majority of tests, the highest score is a 600. However, some tests work on a different 100-300 scale, so their highest score will be 300.

  • How soon can you retake the NYSTCE?

    For almost all NYSTCE tests, a retake can be taken 60 days after the previous test. Some tests do allow 30 days instead of 60, but most require 60 days. A retake should only be taken after the previous results are received.

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