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NYSTCE Test Overview

The New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) are tests designed to assess the knowledge and skills of educators based on the state's education law and guidelines put forward by its Education Commissioner. Test applicants seeking preliminary teaching certification need to pass the Educating All Students (EAS), Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA,) and Content Specialty Tests (CST) in their teaching subject area. Teaching assistant applicants must pass the Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS), and school leadership personnel must pass the School Leadership Assessments (SLA). Information in this article will go over the NYSTCE exam schedule and the NYSTCE registration process for applicants interested in taking NYSTCE exams.

NYSTCE Test Registration

NYSTCE registration can be accessed through the NYSTCE website's registration tab. Applicants who do not have a NYSTCE online account need to create one before beginning the registration process; those who do have an account need to verify their information is up to date. Test registration is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Testing slots are often filled quickly, depending on the test, so availability may be limited for some tests or testing sites. All applicable NYSTCE test fees are due at the time of registration. Test registrations and fees are valid for one year of the date of initial registration. Unless otherwise specified, fees are non-refundable after the one-year period.

NYSTCE Registration Fees

The NYSTCE registration fees are determined by a registration fee scale. This includes the number of tests the applicants register for and various prices of individual tests. For example, the EAS fee is $80, CSTs cost $122, and the edTPA fee is $300. Fees are accepted through credit card payments, check payments and vouchers. Credit card payments must be paid with a VISA or MasterCard, or a debit/check card with the VISA or MasterCard logo and no pin requirement. Vouchers are accepted from participants of a pilot test program or if fees were included with educator program tuition. Test fees are forfeited if the exam is not taken or is canceled within one year of test registration; no refunds or credit are given under these instances.

NYSTCE Test Vouchers

NYSTCE test registration applicants can qualify for NYSTCE test vouchers. Vouchers can be used as credit toward test preparation and registration fees. Educator preparation programs offer vouchers to program applicants, and state education agencies offer vouchers to applicants through state policy, such as test retakes. Applicants should contact their education program or state agency to determine voucher eligibility before registering for NYSTCE testing.

Vouchers are valid for one year, and there are no refunds or credits for expired vouchers. Expired NYSTCE vouchers can be replaced one time to the ordering institution or state agency after the expiration date. Vouchers are good for one testing appointment only and are not refundable to an institution or state agency. Applicants must enter the NYSTCE voucher code when registering for the test for verification purposes. Vouchers cannot be applied to existing registrations.

Alternative Testing Arrangements

Applicants with a documented disability and nursing mothers may qualify for alternative testing accommodations. Applicants should first review and gather all required documents from relevant authorities, such as medical professionals, medical facilities, and educational institutions, along with any suggested or previously documented accommodation arrangements. Applicants should then begin the NYSTCE registration by selecting the alternative testing arrangement and submitting appropriate forms and documentation to the NYSTCE testing program. Decisions on alternative testing are sent by email with instructions on alternative arrangements for the testing appointment or the testing location. Applicants should make alternative arrangements early since it may take up to three weeks for a decision.

NYSTCE Test Registration Policies

Applicants wishing to change their testing date, appointment time, or testing center location should access their NYSTCE account for detailed instructions. Tests must be rescheduled 24 hours before the testing time. There is no additional fee applied when rescheduling. Changing a test selection is allowed with the cancellation of the original registration and the submission of a new test registration. By canceling a test, applicants lose their original spot at the testing center, and by re-registering for a test applicants will be subject to testing center space, test dates, and testing appointment availability.

Applicants wishing to withdraw their NYSTCE registration, who have not scheduled a test, should access their NYSTCE account and submit an official test withdrawal request. Applicants can cancel a test under specific conditions and qualify for partial or full refunds. Applicants who registered for the test on or before August 30, 2021, have canceled the test no later than 24 hours before the test date, and have submitted an official withdrawal request are eligible for a partial refund. Full refunds are offered to applicants who registered after August 30, 2021, and who have followed the test cancelation time restriction and withdrawal request process.

NYSTCE Exam Schedule

Applicants' online NYSTCE accounts provide information on the NYSTCE exam schedule, test centers, and test dates through Pearson VUE. A link can also be accessed through the NYSTCE website by selecting a test under the test tab and then by accessing the testing date or testing site link. There are multiple NYSTCE testing centers in New York and many more nationwide that offer standard and alternative testing accommodations.

Most NYSTCE tests are available year-round by appointment only, Monday-Saturday, excluding some holidays. There are a variety of testing dates and times available, which give applicants flexibility in selecting a time that works best for their program or classroom schedules. Though most tests are offered on a standard schedule by appointment, a few tests are available by appointment only during certain testing times and at specific test centers, such as the NYSTCE Multi-Subject exam. Tests such as the NYSTCE Multi-Subject exam has limited seating availability due to reduced test appointment times. Applicants should consider that some testing center schedules may fill up more quickly, depending on the test and seating availability. Applicants are encouraged to review exam schedules to determine whether a specific test offers continuous appointments or limited appointments.

Applicants will receive an email after registration from Pearson VUE confirming their NYSTCE exam appointment. The email will include valuable information on the testing date, testing time, testing center location, and driving directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule for the NYSTCE?

    The NYSTCE can be scheduled through the NYSTCE website's registration tab. Applicants who do not have a NYSTCE online account need to create one before beginning the registration process. Most testing dates are continuously available by appointment, though some tests do have limited exam schedules. After registration, applicants will receive an email confirmation with their testing date information.

  • What is the NYSTCE test?

    The New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) tests are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of educators in multiple teaching areas based on New York Education Law and Commissioner's Regulation guidelines. New teachers must pass the Educating All Students (EAS), Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA,) and Content Specialty Tests (CST) in their teaching subject area for certification.

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