• Who creates your curriculum and materials?

    TeacherCertification.com is proud of providing a curriculum you can trust. All of our learning materials are crafted by expert instructors (teachers, professors, M.Ed., Ph.D., etc.) who have mastered their subject matter and strive to make learning exciting and easy.

  • What makes TeacherCertification.com different than other online learning solutions?

    The TeacherCertification.com difference is our approach to learning - we've built a bite-sized learning experience that delivers complex concepts in a simple, fun, and engaging way. With 5-10 minute video lessons and assessments to test your knowledge, TeacherCertification.com members are learning faster than ever before.

  • Is my membership flexible? Can I stop and start based on my needs?

    Yes, you can stop, start, pause or change plans at any time. When you're ready to reactivate, your account history will be easily accessible.

  • Who is TeacherCertification.com for?

    We offer personalized memberships for all learners, k-12, through college. Whether you're a student, teacher, college learner, parent, or working professional, TeacherCertification.com is customized to help each learner achieve their education goals.