NYSTCE Exam Dates & Testing Sites

Information About the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE)

New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) are required for all prospective educators in New York state by the New York State Education Law and Commissioners Regulations. Prospective New York state teachers must pass the NYSTCE in order to obtain New York state teaching certification. NYSTCE exams are intended to evaluate prospective educators' knowledge through unbiased measurement against predetermined criteria and do not evaluate prospective educators' knowledge, skills, or abilities against other prospective educators' knowledge, skills, or abilities. The exams were established through the guidance of New York State teacher committees, content specialists, and other educators through use of various curriculum guides, learning criterion, and other educator guidelines.

The exam's sole purpose is to determine which prospective educators hold the knowledge and abilities to successfully fulfill a role as a New York State public school educator. NYSTCE exams include: Tests for School Leadership, Tests for Teacher Certification, and the Assessment of Teaching Skills (ATAS) for Teaching Assistant Certification. Not all exams are required by all candidates; each set of exams is required for varying paths such as school leaders, teacher assistants, and first-time educators.

Testing Requirements

The Tests for School Leadership measure the knowledge and abilities of prospective school leaders in the field of educational leadership. These exams are intended for individuals looking to become School District Business Leaders, School Building Leaders, and School District Leaders.

The Tests for Teacher Certification evaluate prospective educators' chosen content knowledge and understanding of teaching theory, humanities, sciences, and knowledge of student learning. The Tests for Teacher Certification include: Educating All Students (EAS), Communication and Quantitative Skills Test (CQST), Elementary and Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W), Content Specialty Tests (CSTs), Bilingual Education Assessment (BEAs), and edTPA. Those seeking their first initial teaching certification are required to pass the EAS, chosen CST exam(s), and edTPA exams. Prospective educators looking to add a Bilingual Education Extension to their teaching certificate are required to pass the Bilingual Education Assessment in their chosen language. For example, prospective educators whose chosen content area is teaching French will need to pass the BEA-French exam. The BEA exams ensure prospective teachers are fluent and capable of teaching in the chosen foreign language.

The NYSTCE Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS) is required for Teaching Assistant Certification for all prospective New York State educators looking to obtain a Level I, II, III or Pre-Professional New York State teaching assistant certification. The ATAS evaluates prospective teaching assistants knowledge and understanding of paraprofessional's duties and roles in New York State public schools.

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NYSTCE Registration Site Locations

Registration for the NYSTCE test sites can be completed through the Pearson VUE registration portal or through the NYSTCE website. Through the Pearson VUE account, candidates can schedule exams, submit payments, and view exam history and outcomes. Registration for the NYSTCE is required to be done using a computer for both the paper-based tests (PBT) and computer-based tests (CBT).

Due to limited availability of seating for the computer-based tests (CBT), registration for any of the NYSTCE is suggested as early as possible. It is advised to register at least 30 days prior to the candidates desired exam date. Exams are also offered on a strict first-come-first-serve basis. Once an exam seat limit has been met, candidates must wait until exam registrations reopen. However, the paper-based tests (PBT) follow different registration seating limitations. During NYSTCE registration, candidates must pay for exam(s) which vary in cost depending on the exam. For example, the Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) are $119 for a computer-based test (CBT) and $79 for a paper-based test (PBT).

Candidates requiring assistance due to disability, nursing parents, or for religious reasons are able to request alternative testing arrangements upon registration. To qualify for alternative testing arrangements, candidates must submit the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form found on the NYSTCE website. Candidates may also be required to submit documentation for proof. Candidates requesting alternative testing arrangements should wait until confirmation via email or phone regarding status of request prior to scheduling an exam. Failure to wait for approval could result in the candidate having to reschedule exam dates. Typically, candidates can expect to hear back about their requests, approval or denial, within three weeks of submission.

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NYSTCE Test Sites

NYSTCE test sites are located within Pearson Vue testing sites. Candidates are expected to test in-person through either the computer-based tests (CBT) or through paper-based tests (PBT). NYSTCE test sites are located throughout New York State. Testing sites are also available for candidates nationwide. Though the NYSTCE is for New York State prospective educators only, the exams can be taken across the United States. Utilizing the Pearson VUE test center locator, candidates can register, schedule, and complete their exam in another state besides New York. For instance, a candidate may test in Pennsylvania for all of the NYSTCE, pass exams, and receive a teaching certification for the state of New York despite being a Pennsylvania resident.

Candidates who have requested alternative testing arrangements who have received approval will need to prepare a list of needs for test sites prior to scheduling an exam. Approved alternative testing arrangements will require candidates to respond either via email or phone regarding desired NYSTCE test site locations and dates. Allowing ample time for test site accommodations is suggested as test sites may need to coordinate staff, locations, and other items.

NYSTCE Test Site Limitations by Test

Candidates should be aware that not all of NYSTCE test sites offer every exam. Certain exams can only be offered at specific locations, such as the American Sign Language exam. The Latin Content Specialty Test (CSTs), Language Other than English (LOTE) test, and Bilingual Education Assessments (BEAs) are only available in specific cities within New York State:

  • Albany
  • Brooklyn
  • Buffalo
  • Long Island
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Syracuse

Content Specialty Tests offered with limited test date intervals and locations include:

  • American Sign Language
  • Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Latin

Candidates testing for the American Sign Language, Blind and Visually Impaired, or Latin Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) must schedule test site appointments through the phone number supplied via registration confirmation.

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NYSTCE Exam Dates

Candidates who have identified which exam to take must first determine exam date availability. NYSTCE test dates are available throughout the year. Typically, appointments are available Monday to Saturday, with consideration for holidays. NYSTCE dates and appointments are offered with varying times and at various locations. The Educating All Students exam is available throughout the year during flexible dates and times. Most of the content specialty exams are also offered throughout the year with flexible dates and times. However, not all NYSTCE exam dates offer flexibility for candidates. Several exams are only available during short testing intervals occurring a limited amount of times throughout the year. Generally, these intervals are only open for three weeks each time. Understanding NYSTCE exam date limitations is important for candidates during the scheduling process. !!NYSTCE Test Date Timing Limitations Not all NYSTCE test dates are offered via a flexible year-round schedule. Exams with date limitations are generally offered four to six times throughout a year. Often, the testing intervals are only available for a month. However, some exams have a window of just ten days. Specific limited date exams include: *Agriculture Content Specialty Test (CST) *American Sign Language *Bilingual Education Assessments (BEAs) *Blind and Visually Impaired *Dance *Family and Consumer Science *Foreign Language *Latin Content Specialty Test (CST) *School Leadership Assessments Candidates should be aware of these testing windows in order to ensure a smooth registration and testing process. Confirmation of limited NYSTCE test dates can be found by calling the phone number provided during exam registration or by accessing the NYSTCE website. However, there are strict deadlines for the limited exam registration that candidates should take into consideration when beginning the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule a NYSTCE test?

    Scheduling a test for the NYSTCE can be completed after successful registration via

    www.nystce.nesinc.com. After a completed registration, test registration may be completed through the same NYSTCE account used for registration. Candidates can search the desired exam , select dates and times, and submit their selection. Follow-up exam information, including directions to NYSTCE test sites, will be sent via e-mail from the test administrator, Pearson VUE.

  • How long does it take to get NYSTCE results?

    NYSTCE score results are available to be accessed no later than 10:00 p.m. on the score report date provided on the NYSTCE website. Each exam has score dates assigned correlating to each specific testing window.

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