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Where Can I Take the Praxis Test?

Students wondering 'where do I take the Praxis exam?' or 'where can I take Praxis 1 or the Praxis 2?' may first want to know what these exams are. The Praxis is a suite of exams that is made up of the Praxis Core Tests, Praxis Subject Tests, and Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) Tests. These exams are used by over 40 states and territories as part of the teacher licensure or certification process. Each state determines which Praxis exams to require for what certification area, as well as the passing score requirements. Students who have to take the Praxis will need to register for their required exam(s) and choose their test date and location. Students can take the Praxis test at a range of locations, which are discussed in more detail below.

Can You Take the Praxis Test Online?

Those wondering 'can you take the Praxis online?' should know that the answer depends. Currently, all Praxis Core exams and over 90 Praxis Subject Assessments are available for online at-home testing. In order to take the Praxis test online, students must meet a list of equipment, environmental, and testing space requirements. For equipment, students must have a working desktop or laptop with the required operating system, a Chrome or Firefox browser, speakers, a microphone, and a camera. Prior to their test date, students must download the ETS Secure Test Browser and ensure that it works.

Environment and testing space requirements begin with privacy standards. Students are not allowed to test in public areas and must be alone in the room during the exam. Students must take the Praxis exam at a cleared-off tabletop in a standard chair with no food and drink. Clothing must be appropriate and the student's ears must be visible at all times. For note taking during the exam, students are allowed to use a white erase board or a piece of paper in a transparent sheet. Either format of notes must be erased in front of the proctor at the end of the exam.

Praxis Testing Sites

Students wondering where to take the Praxis test if they want to test in person will be happy to know that there are many different Praxis exam sites available. Praxis testing sites are available throughout the United States, as well as abroad at international Prometric centers. However, students should note that not every Praxis testing center offers all of the Praxis exams and sets its own schedule for each exam, so available test dates will vary. The easiest way for students to look up which test sites are available in their state and where they are located is by using the test location tool on the ETS Praxis website. Students can search for test sites near them by entering their zip code, city, or state and searching through the results. Testing is often available at multiple locations in a state. These locations may be test centers, universities, or other locations. Those who need to test at an international test center must log into the registration system to see if there is a Prometric center available. If no test centers are available during registration, students must contact to get registered at the Prometric center nearest to them, which may still require long-distance travel.

How to Register for the Praxis Test

Students can register for the Praxis exams through 1 of 3 different methods. One of the easiest forms of Praxis exam registration is online through a student's Praxis account. Students can select Praxis exams to take, choose Praxis test dates and locations, and pay the required exam fees through the website. Some students may choose to register through the mail. However, this process can take longer so students should be sure to register at least 3 weeks prior to their exam date, as they need to wait to receive their voucher through the mail with instructions on how to complete the registration process. Finally, students may choose to register via the phone. This option is only available for students with a Praxis account and those planning to test within the United States. There is also an additional $35 fee to register via phone.

Praxis Registration Fees

There are several test and service fees that may be applied at the time of registration. The Praxis test cost ranges from $50 to $209, depending on the exam. Sometimes, students can save money by taking exams with subtests all together in one sitting. For example, the cost of the 3 Praxis Core subtests is $90 each, but if students take the Praxis Core Combined Test it only costs $150. There are also some states that have additional surcharges, such as Nevada. Students who would like a score review will need to pay an additional $65 for selected-response tests and $65 for constructed-response tests. Finally, there are additional charges for changing your test center or test date ($40) and ordering Praxis test score reports in addition to the initial score reports issued ($50 per report).

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Nicole McCaig, M.A. is an elementary school teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching and mentoring novice teachers. She has successfully passed the Praxis and holds a New Jersey Standard Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education K-5. Nicole graduated with an M.A. in Teaching from Monmouth University. She is dedicated to contributing to e-learning platforms and serving schools in disadvantaged areas, as she believes that quality education should be accessible to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many states use the Praxis test?

    More than 40 states and territories utilize the Praxis exams, although the specific exams used vary by state. Therefore, Praxis exam sites are plentiful throughout the country and abroad.

  • How much does the Praxis 1 cost?

    The Praxis Core, which replaced the Praxis 1 and is sometimes referred to as the Praxis 1, costs $150 for the combined exam or $90 for each individual subtest (of which there are 3).

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