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How to Register for the Praxis Exam

Most students have several different ways that they can register for Praxis exams. These methods include online registration, registration through the mail, and registration over the phone. These methods apply to the various Praxis exams, such as the Praxis II registration and Praxis Core registration. Before registering, students should be sure to consult the Praxis information from the ETS Praxis website and check their specific state's requirements for which exams they need to register for. Students who have disabilities or utilize American Sign Language (ASL) have more limited options for registration and must follow a more detailed procedure for securing accommodations. Below, we discuss Praxis registration in more detail.

Online Praxis Registration

Students wishing to register online must first create an account through the ETS Praxis website. Once students have created an account and verified an email address, they can choose the Register for a Test option from their homepage. Students can go through and select which exams they need to take, as well as when (time and date) they will take their exam(s). After registration, students must pay the appropriate fees using PayPal, an eCheck, or a credit or debit card. For students who have chosen to take their exam at a Praxis testing center, they will be able to print their admission ticket for the exam and take it with them on the day of the Praxis exam.

Praxis Registration Through Mail

Some students may prefer to register through the mail. This requires students to print off and fill out the Test Authorization Voucher Request Form and send it into the ETS. Students must use the ETS's code list to complete the form. The code list includes information for institution codes (where students will send their Praxis scores), as well as codes for major and field certification codes and country and region codes. The form can be sent back to the ETS in an envelope with the appropriate postage. Students must wait as the ETS processes their registration, and then the ETS will send students a voucher number within 3 weeks. With the voucher will also come instructions on how to complete their registration. Those who register for an in-person exam at select Praxis testing centers will still need to print off their admission ticket from their online ETS Praxis account. This ticket must be presented at the testing center in order to take the exam.

Praxis Registration Over the Phone

To register over the phone, students need to have already created an online Praxis account. Students must also be planning on taking the Praxis at a U.S. test center to register by phone. Registering by phone requires students to call 1-800-772-9476 at least 4 days before their tentative Praxis test dates. Students will be charged an additional fee ($35) for registering by phone and can pay using the same methods as students who register online.

How to Register as a Person with Disabilities

The Praxis offers a range of accommodations to meet the needs of students with various disabilities, including extended test times, audio tests, Braille tests, test readers, and more. Students who need one or more of these accommodations need to first fill out the Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs form. This form collects students' contact information and accommodation needs and must be approved by the ETS before students choose their Praxis testing dates. It usually takes about 6 weeks for the paperwork to be processed, so students should fill it out and send it in as soon as possible. Once approved, students will receive an email with instructions on how to register. Students who are approved for accommodations of extended time, screen magnification, selectable colors, and extended breaks can still register online. All other students must register through the mail or email.

Praxis Registration for ASL (American Sign Language)

Aspiring teachers wishing to teach ASL and/or teach deaf or hard of hearing students will need to register for the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) that is given by the ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services of Gallaudet University. This exam is special because it requires students to undergo a 20 to 25 minute recorded interview to test students' ASL proficiency. Students wishing to take the ASLPI exam must register through the mail. Students must make sure that their registration form is sent in at least 4 weeks prior to their desired test date. The exam has a special test code (0634), and students should be sure to NOT include their credit card information or social security number on the form. After their registration has been processed, the ETS will send an email with instructions on how to pay for the exam. Students' test dates will be scheduled by Gallaudet University.

What is the Praxis Registration Deadline?

The Praxis registration deadlines for exams depend on several different factors. Students have the option to take the Praxis online test at home or in person at a test center. Students who take their exam online can take their exam 7 days a week from 10 am to 1 am Eastern Time. Students who opt for a test center must locate a testing center near them and check for their availability. The method that a student chooses will impact how quickly they need to register. For example, those who plan to register for Praxis II via phone need to do so at least 4 days prior to the Praxis II exam schedule, and those who choose by mail must account for about 3 weeks of processing time. Specific exams and/or states may also have specific deadlines. For instance, the ASLPI requires students to register at least 4 weeks before the exam, while the Praxis Braille Proficiency Assessment (0633) has set testing dates in several states with regular and extended deadlines.

Praxis Registration Fees

All Praxis exams come with a registration fee. These fees vary based on the specific exam(s) students take. There are also some additional fees that may apply to some students, as well as some tests that also come with an additional fee. For instance, the ASLPI charges a $146 test fee and a $20 proctor fee. In general, the Praxis Core cost is $90 per exam or less, whereas Praxis subject assessment typically costs at least $130 and world languages cost is priced at $170. In the tables below, we list some examples of specific exam fees and additional charges.

Test Code Test Title Test Fee*
5713 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading $90
5723 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing $90
5733 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics $90
5752 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) $150
5162 Algebra I $130
5342 Audiology $146
0633 Braille Proficiency $156
5245 Chemistry: Content Knowledge $130
5665 Chinese (Mandarin): World Language $170
5024 Education of Young Children $156
5412 Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (ELAS) $130
5006 Elementary Education Assessment $209
5008 Elementary Education Assessment: Mathematics and Science $115
5001 Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects $180
5358 Gifted Education $130
5551 Health Education $130
5224 Journalism $130
5164 Middle School Mathematics $130
5157 PA Grades 4 to 8 Subject Concentration: Social Studies $75
5383 Special Education: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities $130

Additional Fee Fee*
Nevada surcharge $5
Additional score reports $50 per report
Score review fee (for CR and SR formats) $65
Phone registration $35
Test center or test date change $40

Praxis Testing Location

Students who live in the United States are eligible to take Praxis test online or in person at a testing center. Those who choose to take the exam online must complete the exam between 10 am and 1 am Eastern Time and meet the equipment and environment requirements for the exam. Students who select to take the Praxis test at a testing center can choose from a range of Prometric testing centers, universities, and other locations around the world. Using the Find a Test Center option, students in the United States can search for a testing center near them by entering their zip code or city and state. Students who are looking to test internationally must log into the ETS registration system and search a Prometric site near to them. If there isn't one available, students must contact the ETS at Usually, the student will end up being registered at the nearest center, which could still require some long-distance travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for the Praxis at home?

    Students can register for the Praxis at home by registering online, by phone, or through the mail. Each registration method has its own specific set of instructions.

  • Can I take Praxis online?

    Yes, most Praxis exams are offered in an online format in addition to being offered at testing centers. Some subject assessment exams may need to be completed in-person.

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