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Praxis Core Writing (5723) Practice Test & Study Guide

What is the Praxis Core Writing Exam?

The Praxis Writing test determines your writing ability for a career in education by assessing your understanding of standard English writing. The Praxis 5722 is aligned with the Common Core writing standards and is required by many states for initial teaching licensure. The Praxis writing test has three separately timed sections for a total exam time of 100 minutes and consists of a combination of selected-response questions and essays. The Praxis 5723 is the new updated version of the Praxis 5722 Writing Test. It is a computer-based test that you will take at a Praxis testing center. Candidates must be registered first for the exam, and they can complete Praxis registration online.

Taking the Praxis Core Writing Exam

You will take the test promptly at your chosen appointment time at the testing center, and have to show government ID and leave all belongings in a locker. The center will provide you with pencil and scratch paper for notes. You can also take the Praxis online test at home. For the virtual option, notes can be taken on a personal-sized dry-erase board or a piece of paper in a sheet protector with a dry-erase marker. Your score will be available after 3 weeks through the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website. The official report of your Praxis Core Writing score will feature your raw scores by sections, as well as possible raw score points you could have earned. Your raw score will then be converted to your scaled score, a number between 100 and 200, and a guide to the median scores by other test-takers. Your Praxis Writing passing score depends on the states in which you are trying to become certified as a teacher, as each have their own passing scores. Your score will then be automatically sent to the state recipients you selected when registering for the test.

Test Structure

The Praxis 5723 has three separately timed sections: one multiple choice and two essays. The Praxis Writing essay challenges you to write well in a short period of time. You should take notes before you write to organize your writing. Read ahead for some Praxis Core Writing tips.

Multiple Choice Section

This part of the Praxis Core for writing is a 40-minute selected response section. It covers usage, sentence correction, research skills, and revision-in-context, and requires you to identify mistakes in presented writing. Usage questions involve identifying mistakes in word choice, expressions, grammar or mechanics. Sentence correction involves a choice of the best way to restate a sentence from available options, although none of them require an understanding of formal grammar. The research skills section gives options of effective research strategies for you to choose from, including citations and credibility. Finally, revision-in-context challenges you to consider tone, style, organization, and more.

Argumentative Essay

The first Praxis writing essay is a 30-minute written section drawing on your personal experience, reading, or observation to support an argument. Praxis argumentative essay prompts will ask you to express a personal opinion on an important social issue most people should find familiar. A good point to remember is that you are being asked to support your statements with evidence, to discuss all arguments raised in the prompt, not to bring certain factual information to the Praxis test.

Informative / Explanatory Essay

Also a 30-minute section, this second essay of the Praxis Core for writing asks you to study information in two presented sources. You will have to identify relevant information about a single issue and discuss the important points. You should use both sources, citing when appropriate, and, as with the other Praxis essay, support all statements with evidence.

Study Resources

Praxis Core Writing test prep is essential to your future success. First, familiarize yourself with the official test study companion and make sure you know the structure and requirements of the test. Consider a Praxis diagnostic test to pinpoint your challenges and allow you to build a study plan that can structure your time before the exam. Finally, take an online Praxis Writing practice test to familiarize yourself further with test structure, kinds of questions, and to make the final Praxis Writing test less intimidating. A Praxis practice test will give you a realistic score and again allow you to focus on your challenges before the final test.

Practice tests give you a better idea of the topics you have mastered and those you should keep studying.

Expert Contributor

Jenna Feldman

Jenna Feldman, M.Ed. has taught high school math for over 11 years. She has developed curricula for Algebra, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus. She passed the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Reading, Writing and Math, as well as the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge exam. Jenna earned her M.Ed. from Wesley College and her B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Delaware.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Praxis Core Writing test?

    The Praxis Core Writing test is a required exam for many states for initial teaching licensure. It involves multiple choice and writing answers.

  • What is on the Praxis Writing test?

    The Praxis Writing test involves multiple choice questions about use of language, as well as two essays, one for argumentative writing and the other for explanatory writing.

  • What is the passing score for Praxis Writing test?

    The passing score for the Praxis Writing test will vary depending on your state, as each state has its own requirement for teacher licensure. However, most states have set 162 as a passing score.


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  1. Which of the following statements best defines a logical appeal?

    • Correct Answer
  2. Use this material to answer question #2

    (1) The bunny sits in its cage, staring through the bars at the outside world. (2) While most bunnies want to naturally hop around and discover the world, this bunny is confined in a lab. (3) It cannot explore and is limited to a three-by-three space. (4) This bunny, though, will eventually be released into the grips of laboratory scientists and assistants. (5) It may face excruciating pain and even death. (6) Society would not accept this if it happened to people, so why does society accept such occurrences with animals? (7) While animal testing serves a purpose, it should be illegal because it is cruel and testing technologies have become more advanced.

  3. What type of appeal is exemplified in this paragraph?
    • Correct Answer
  4. Use this material to answer question #3

    (1) Ultimately, a grit and growth mindset can help people to gain confidence and embrace positivity so that they can excel. (2) When people are confident, they are more willing to take risks and seize unexpected opportunities. (3) Positivity is an important factor in taking failures, learning from them, and improving. (4) Such improvement is necessary if people want to continue to grow as individuals and professionals. (5) With grit and growth, society can become more prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century that may, otherwise, be difficult to navigate.

  5. Sentence (5) serves as which type of sentence?
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  6. Which of the following words or phrases might you use in a transition sentence?

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  7. The purpose of an outline is NOT to

    • Correct Answer
  8. To write an effective conclusion to an essay, be sure to include

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  9. Read the sentence that follows and then consider which of the following choices accurately identifies the subject of the sentence.

    While (A) baking a cake, the (B) experimental (C) chef decided to add some (D) spices into the (E) mix.

    • Correct Answer
  10. Which of the following displays clear and coherent writing?

    • Correct Answer
  11. Use this material to answer questions #9 through #11

    (1) Social media outlets have become a venue through which marketers can reach new consumers and share company goings-on to loyal consumers. (2) Pop-up ads are all the rage with business who deploy marketing campaigns through ads based on people's preferences and searches. (3) These ads can lure new consumers to a company's website. (4) The more people going to a business's website, the better it is for the business. (5) People committed to searching through the website may also be committed to finding a good or several goods they would like to purchase. (6) While social media has been a proven marketing outlet, marketers also use technological design tools to lure in consumers.

    (7) Such tools allow for designers to improve imaging quality, making images more appealing. (8) Colors can be enhanced and product images can be perfected. (9) Aside from this, designers working with marketers can ensure that the placement of text and images within an ad are done so as to be aesthetically pleasing. (10) When consumers happen upon an image that is aesthetically pleasing, they may take more time, even if mere seconds, to look at the image. (11) The more they look at the image, the more likely they are to remember it. (12) This, in turn, may help them to also remember the product name or company that produces the product. (13) Ultimately, design tools are not just for artists; marketers use such tools to ensure that the message being conveyed is not only clear but appealing.

  12. Which of the following would be an appropriate thesis statement for the two body paragraphs?
    • Correct Answer
  13. In context, which of the following would be the most appropriate topic sentence for the paragraph beginning with line (7)?
    • Correct Answer
  14. In context, which change to sentence (2) is most needed?
    • Correct Answer
  15. After drafting an essay, the next step in the writing process involves

    • Correct Answer
  16. A student is writing a timed essay. What is the best order in which to complete the following pre-writing activities?

    • Correct Answer
  17. A _____ is a sentence or group of sentences provided at the beginning of an essay that establishes the essay's main argument with specificity.

    • Correct Answer
  18. Read the sentence and determine which, if any, of the italicized parts of the sentence is incorrectly written.

    (A) After everyone went to bed, (B) the rambunctious cats (C) chased each other (D) throughout the house.

    • Correct Answer