FTCE Registration Information & Test Locations Outline

FTCE Registration Information

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) are a series of computer-based exams administered by the Florida Department of Education's Bureau of Educator Certification, which it requires as part of the process of becoming a licensed teacher in the state of Florida. Different FTCE tests cover a range of teaching skills, including the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE), FTCE General Knowledge Test (GK), FTCE Professional Education Test (PEd), and 39 different FTCE Subject Area Examinations (SAE). The Subject Area Examinations are divided by content area and grade level.

Those taking any Florida Teacher Certification Exam will need to register with the Florida Bureau of Educator Certification and schedule a test by selecting a test date, time, and location. FTCE tests are offered year-round. Once you register, you will have one year to schedule your test; if you do not schedule your exam within a year, you will have to register again. When registering, you can choose where your score(s) will be sent; you should usually send your score(s) to your chosen institution.

To register for the FTCE, follow these steps:

  • Before you begin, you need to make sure you know which FTCE test(s) you will need to take to get the correct certification and where you will need to send your test score(s).
  • Log in to or create your FTCE/FELE account.
  • Click ''Register for the FTCE/FELE'' to choose the test(s) you want to take.
  • Choose where to send your score(s). You will want to send your score(s) to your chosen institution and/or the Professional Development Certification Program (PCDP).
  • Provide some personal information and read and consent to the FTCE policies.
  • Review the available registration options and schedule your test. You will need to select your testing date, time, and location.
  • Pay the registration fee. Credit and debit are accepted, as is a check card.
  • You will receive a confirmation email verifying the test you selected and your testing date, time, and location.

FTCE Registration Fees

When you register to take an FTCE test, you will need to pay an exam registration fee. The FTCE registration fee amount can become a little complicated to understand because different tests have different fees, and it can cost a different amount to retake an FTCE test than it did to take it the first time. Additionally, some tests have subtests, and how many subtests you are taking, and sometimes which ones, can affect the test's price.

The table below outlines the FTCE test cost and retake registration fees for the different kinds of FTCE tests.

FTCE Registration Fees by Test

FTCE Test Type Registration Fee Retake Registration Fee
Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) $215 $225 for any combination of Subtests
$150 to retake only one section of Subtest 3
FTCE General Knowledge Test (GK) $32.50 for one subtest
$65 for two subtests
$97.50 for three subtests
$130 for all four subtests
$32.50 for one subtest
$65 for two subtests
$97.50 for three subtests
$130 for all four subtests
FTCE Professional Education Test (PEd) $150 $150
FTCE Subject Area Examinations (SAE) $150 $150

FTCE Retake Registration

If you fail any of the FTCE tests you need to pass to be licensed as a teacher, or if you need to take an FTCE test again for another reason, you have the option of retaking them. If your test has subsets, you may only need to retake the subtest(s) that you failed. If you are retaking a test or subset that you failed, you have to wait a month (31 days) since you took the test before you can retake it. If you are retaking a test or subset that you passed, you have to wait three years.

To retake a test, you will need to register again. This includes paying the registration fee to retake the test. This fee is not always the same as the original fee to take the test; see the above table for a breakdown of the retake registration fees by test.

Where Can I Take the FTCE?

When you schedule your FTCE test, you must choose a testing site. FTCE tests are taken at testing sites approved by the Florida Bureau of Educator Certification. There are close to 40 of these sites across Florida, but there are also testing sites outside the state. There are nearly 250 FTCE testing sites outside of Florida, including 90 testing sites at U.S. military installations nationwide and globally. A large number of FTCE testing sites are housed in Florida universities and colleges, often within their education or testing programs. Many of the FTCE testing sites in Florida are also located at Pearson VUE testing sites. Pearson VUE is a computer-based test development company. FTCE score verification sessions are available at 8 different locations.

Some foreign language FTCE tests can only be taken at specific FTCE testing sites. The French K-12, Spanish K-12, and German K-12 tests are only available at select FTCE foreign language test sites, and you will be prompted to select one of these sites when registering for one of these tests.

See below for a list of FTCE testing locations in Florida. It should be noted, however, that testing locations change over time, and the best place to look for an FTCE testing site is on the FTCE website. There, you can find a map of FTCE test center locations or look up an FTCE testing center near you.

FTCE Testing Locations

  • Avon Park: 600 W College Dr, Bldg B, Room 255, Avon Park FL 33825
  • Boca Raton: 777 Glades Rd, SU 80, Room 210, Boca Raton FL 33431
  • Boynton Beach: 2240 Woolbright Rd, Suite 401, Boynton Beach FL 33426
  • Daytona Beach: 1200 W International Speedway Blvd, Bldg 100, Room 107, Daytona Beach FL 32114
  • Doral: 8319 NW 12th St, Doral FL 33126
  • Fort Myers: 11691 Gateway Blvd, Suite 200, Fort Myers FL 33913
  • Fort Myers: 1222 Towne Lake Dr, Unit 40, Fort Myers FL 33913
  • Fort Myers: 10501 FGCU Blvd, Suite 204, Fort Myers FL 33965
  • Fort Lauderdale: 5300 NW 33rd Ave, Suite 104, Fort Lauderdale FL 33309
  • Fort Lauderdale: 3317 NW 10 Terr, Suite 401, Fort Lauderdale FL 33309
  • Gainesville 5000 NW 34th Blvd, Suite 10, Gainesville FL 32605
  • Gainesville: 680 SW Broward Dr, Gainesville FL 32611
  • Hollywood: 3475 Sheridan St, Suite 314, Hollywood FL 33021
  • Jacksonville: 101 W State St, Room A1020, Jacksonville FL 32202
  • Jacksonville: 8380 Baymeadows Rd, Suite 11, Jacksonville FL 32256
  • Key West: 5901 College Rd, Bldg B, Room 206, Key West FL 33040
  • Lake City: 149 SE College Pl, Bldg 17, Room 001, Lake City FL 32025
  • Lakeland: 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland FL 33801
  • Lakeland: 101 W Main St, Suite 230, Lakeland FL 33815
  • Melbourne: 2176 Sarno Rd, Suite 109, Melbourne FL 32935
  • Miami: 245 NE 4th St, Bldg 3, Room 3104, Miami FL 33132
  • Miami: 627 SW 27th Ave, Room 110, Miami FL 33135
  • Miami: 3900 NW 79th Ave, Suite 543, Miami FL 33166
  • Miami: 11380 NW 27th Ave, Bldg 1, Room 1160, Miami FL 33167
  • Miami: 11011 SW 104th St, Bldg R, Suite 513, Miami FL 33176
  • Niceville: 100 College Blvd, Bldg 410, Room 129, Niceville FL 32578
  • Orlando: 4297 Andromeda Loop, Room 106, Orlando FL 32816
  • Orlando: 6751 Forum Dr, Suite 225, Orlando FL 32821
  • Ormond Beach: 305 Clyde Morris Blvd, Suite 101, Bldg A, Ormond Beach FL 32174
  • Panama City: 5230 W US HW 98, Room 315, Panama City FL 32401
  • Pensacola: 7141 D N 9th Ave, Pensacola FL 32504
  • Pensacola: 1000 College Blvd, Bldg 6, Pensacola FL 32504
  • Sarasota: 2201 Cantu Court, Suite 210, Sarasota FL 34232
  • St Petersburg: 9400 4th St N, Suite 211, St Petersburg FL 33702
  • Tallahassee: 508 Capital Cir SE, Suite D1, Tallahassee FL 32301
  • Tampa: 3220 USF Banyan Circle, Tampa FL 33613
  • Tampa: 4012 Gunn HW, Suite 110, Tampa FL 33618

Expert Contributor

Emily Lopes

Emily is a former high school teacher to online students in subjects ranging from English to College and Career Readiness. She has also worked with college-level education majors and healthcare majors. Emily has 10 years of experience working in the field of education. To attain these roles, she completed and passed the FTCE General Knowledge Test, Professional Education Test, and English 6-12 Subject Area Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are FTCE exams still free?

    FTCE exams are not free. You must pay an FTCE registration fee when you schedule your test, usually running $150 to $225. If you or your spouse is in the military or is a veteran, you may be eligible for a Military Certification Fee Waiver.

  • Can I take the FTCE test online?

    FTCE tests are computer-based tests that are taken at approved FTCE testing sites. You cannot take an FTCE test online from home. You must select a testing site during your FTCE registration, which is completed online.

  • Is the Florida Teacher Certification Exam hard?

    The Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) can be challenging, but students who are succeeding in undergraduate study should be well-prepared for the test. If you are worried about passing, you should familiarize yourself with the test's format and take a practice test.

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