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TExES Registration Process

The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program (TExES) are exams used by the state of Texas to test aspiring teachers' knowledge and skills for teaching certification. The TExES is the umbrella term for a wide range of exams that can qualify teachers for certification in over 60 teaching specialties. Below, we will discuss the TExES registration process, including how one becomes eligible for the TExES, the registration process, and the cost for registering to take the TExES.

TExES Exam Eligibility

The TExES exams have different eligibility requirements based on the type of candidate. For example, in-state students in an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) have different requirements than out-of-state candidates. However, candidates typically need to be approved to take these exams before registering with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The approval process just looks different. The table below provides a summary of the different eligibility requirements for various candidate types.

Candidate Type Eligibility Requirements
EPP Needs approval from the EPP to take a certification exam.
Out-of-state/Out-of-country Must have credentials reviewed by the TEA. After review, candidates will be notified of which certification exams they are allowed to take.
Certification-By-Exam (CBE) Enter a TEA ID number and choose from a list of eligible exams.
Intensive Pre-Service (IPS) Obtain a TEA ID number and register for the exam.
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Need approval from an EPP or the school district. Qualifications and experience must be reviewed, and then the TEA adds approval.
Hearing Impaired Commonly exempted from TExES requirements with verification from a licensed audiologist.

TExES Exam Registration

Once candidates have earned approval for taking the TExES, they must complete the TExES test registration process and register for the appropriate exam(s). Usually, students need to create a TEA Login (TEAL) account before completing the TExES exam registration. After creating their login, students can get a TEA ID number and create a Pearson testing account to register for the exam. The testing account can be linked to students' TEA Educator Profile.

Students can register for the TExES exam after they check the seat availability for their desired date(s), time(s), and location(s). In order to register, students must choose the 'register' tool, select the exam they are eligible to take, and mark any alternative testing arrangements they may need. Students must also answer some background questions, select their score reporting option, and submit the required payment. The final step allows students to schedule their test appointment.

TExES Test Registration Cost

When students register, they must pay for each certification exam. Students generally pay online while registering and may need to pay additional service fees when registering through Texas.gov. These fees are used for the operation and enhancement of the site. In the table below, the different costs associated with the TExES exam are listed.

Exam Type Cost
CORE Subjects (EC-6 and 4-8) $116 per test
Subtest $58 per subject test

TExES Exam Requirements

Students preparing to take the TExES exam should know what supplies they need and what is allowed during the test. All of these exams consist of multiple-choice questions, with some exams also having oral responses or open-ended written responses. Here, we discuss some of the things students should bring to the TExES testing centers, as well as what will be provided for the exam.

What to Bring to the TExES Exam

In order to take their exam, students must bring two pieces of valid identification. These pieces must have the student's name listed in English and in the exact form that they listed on their registration. The IDs must also have a signature and photograph of the student. Some examples of possible IDs could include a driver's license or passport.

Formula Sheet for the TExES Exam

Exams in mathematics and other subject areas may require a range of formulas to solve problems. Depending on the exam, some students taking the TExES may have a formula sheet provided. However, it is up to the student to know what the formula is and how to use it. Students can figure out what their specific exam provides by selecting their exam on the TExES website and checking the 'Reference Materials Provided' section.

Can I Use a Calculator for a TExES Exam?

Similar to the formula sheet, some exams require the use of a calculator. Depending on the exam, an on-screen scientific calculator may be provided. Other exams may require that students bring their own graphing calculator. Again, students can select their exam on the TExES website and check what reference materials are provided.

Retaking a TExES Exam

Sometimes students may not score as highly as they would like on the TExES exam. They may have been too tired and not tested well, been underprepared for the exam, or a host of other reasons. Below, we discuss some of the aspects of retaking the TExES exam for those who may want another try at passing or improving their score.

TExES Exam Score Release Dates

Typically, for most TExES exams, students' scores will be reported within 7 days of the date that they tested. However, some exams have constructed-response questions and take longer to score. Students that take these exams will receive their scores within 28 days. The scores are emailed to students and are available at 10 pm (Central Time) on the first expected day for exam results. Students can look up the earliest day to expect their scores for their specific exam on the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website.

Validity of TExES Exam Scores

As long as TExES exams do not change, there is no expiration date for the validity of test scores. Students can access the results for all of the tests they have taken from September 2006 to the present from the TExES website. Should an exam change, students will be notified. However, changes will not affect those who have already earned their certification.

TExES Exam Retakes

Students who want or need to retake the exam must wait until their latest TExES scores are posted before they can register for an exam again. TExES allows 5 attempts for each certification exam. Students taking the TExES Core Subjects (211 or 291 or 391) or TX PACT Essential Academic Skills (700) exams that have multiple subject exams are eligible to retake the entire exam or a single subject exam. When students retake exams, their highest score is retained.

TExES Exam Retake Dates

Students who decide to retake the TExES exam must wait at least 30 days to register. This 30 days is from the prior exam's test date, but students cannot register for the new exam until their latest scores are posted. In accordance with the TExES Exam Retake Policy, students can decide to wait longer than 30 days to retake their exam(s) if they so choose.

Expert Contributor

Sanlie Li

Sanlie Li, M.S. has been a language instructor at the collegiate, middle, and high school level for over 7 years. She has taught Chinese, Japanese, and ESL in the United States and Taiwan and currently works as a middle school ESL teacher. She has passed the TExES PPR, ELA 4-8, ELA 7-12, and ESL Supplemental exams. Sanlie earned her M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M University and her Bachelor's degree in Japanese Language & Literature from Soochow University in Taiwan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take the TExES exam?

    Students typically need to get approval to take the TExES exam and who gives the approval varies by candidate type. Many students are in educator preparation programs (EPPs) and will get approval from their Educator Preparation Program.

  • What happens if you fail the TExES exam 5 times?

    Students who fail to pass the TExES exam in 5 attempts must file a test limit waiver with the Texas Education Agency. If this waiver is not approved, students will not be eligible for certification.

  • How many times can I take the TExES exam?

    Students can take the TExES exams up to 5 times. This includes the initial exam and 4 retakes. Those who do not pass within 5 tries must work with the Texas Education Agency to earn a test-limit waiver.

  • What do I need to bring to the TExES exam?

    Students must bring 2 valid forms of identification to the TExES exam. Depending on the type of exam they are taking, students may also need to bring a graphing calculator.

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