TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Practice Test & Study Guide

What Is the TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Exam?

The TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) exam is a test designed to ensure that anyone who wants to teach physical education in the state of Texas has the requisite knowledge to teach the content. TExES exam dates for Physical Education EC-12 is available all year round, and if the candidate wants to take it, the TExES exam cost to pay is $131.

The test has 100 multiple-choice questions that candidates have to complete in 5 hours. Also, it has two question formats:

  • Single questions
  • Clustered questions

Single questions present a direct question or an incomplete statement, and clustered questions have a stimulus and two or more questions relating to the stimulus. Candidates are graded based on correct and incorrect answers, and the grade is the average number of questions correct divided by the total number of questions graded. The exam is graded on a scale from 100 to 300, and candidates should aim to achieve the TExES exam passing score of 240.

Practice tests give you a better idea of the topics you have mastered and those you should keep studying.

What Is on the TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Exam?

This TExES test has three domains, which are the following:

  • Movement Skills and Knowledge
  • Health-Related Physical Fitness
  • The Physical Education Program

Each of these three domains has multiple competencies that physical education teachers should understand. Also, there are 10 standards and 13 competencies candidates must know before taking the test.

Domain I: Movement Skills and Knowledge

This section of the exam is approximately 38% of the test. There are five competencies that physical education teachers should understand in this section as follows:

  • Principles of motor learning and development.
  • Principles and practices for developing, combining, and integrating motor skills.
  • Knowledge of concepts and biomechanical principles.
  • Individual, dual and team sports, and activities.
  • General knowledge of dance, personal performance activities, nontraditional games, and recreational and outdoor pursuits.

Domain II: Health-Related Physical Fitness

This section of the exam is approximately 31% of the test. The next four competencies of physical education are found in this domain as follows:

  • Major body systems, principles of physical fitness development, and training and the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • The importance of good cardiovascular health, along with the principles and activities necessary to maintain it.
  • Good flexibility, posture, muscular strength, and endurance.
  • Health and wellness concepts including, but not limited to, nutrition, weight control and management, and stress management.

Domain III: The Physical Education Program

This section of the exam is approximately 31% of the test. The final four competencies are found in this domain as follows:

  • Concepts and means to teach and assess students so that they become physically educated.
  • Understand factors relevant to learning and performance in physical education.
  • Overall goal and purpose of a physical education program.
  • Legal issues and responsibilities of being a physical education teacher in relation to supervision, instruction, safety, first aid, and risk management.

How to Prepare for the TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Exam

The test requirements can be daunting, but preparation is crucial. One of the best ways to prepare for this exam is to find practice questions online and study each question thoroughly. After spending some time with these questions and becoming well-versed in the material surrounding each question, it is time to take a TExES practice test. Taking practice tests during TExES preparation helps candidates assess the topics they already know and what else still needs work. After grading the exam, candidates should take another practice exam to answer questions they missed.

TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Practice Test

Many websites and organizations offer TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) practice questions or a practice test. Both TExES resources are important parts of getting ready for the test. The Texas Education Agency provides TExES study guides for the TExES Physical Education exam that can help test takers familiarize themselves with the content covered on the test as well as a sampling of practice questions. Answer as many practice questions as possible because you could miss some key information if you focus only on practice tests. When you are taking the practice tests, create an environment similar to the actual test-taking environment and time yourself to make sure you can get through the questions easily.

Expert Contributor

Amy Mayers

Amy Mayers, M.Ed. has taught middle school math for over 7 years. She is a Texas certified teacher for grades 4-12 in mathematics and has passed the TExES Math 4-8 and the TExES Math 7-12. Amy graduated with a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Houston and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Texas state test for physical education?

    The state test for physical education is the TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Exam. A prospective physical education teacher must pass this test to teach any level of primary physical education in the state of Texas.

  • How do you get a physical education certificate in Texas?

    If you want to become a pe teacher in the state of Texas, you should follow these steps to get your initial certificate and then to ensure that it is up to date:

    1. Obtain a bachelor's degree.

    2. Take the TExES Physical Education EC-12 (158) Exam.

    3. Apply for a certificate.

    4. Renew your certificate as needed.


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  1. A new student arrives to America from another country. The student does not understand English. Which of the following should a PE teacher do during class?

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  2. Research has shown that lengthening wait time 1 will:

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  3. Which of the following types of assessments would be considered an informal assessment?

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  4. What term is given to the amount of blood the heart pumps in a minute?

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  5. When positioning into an archer's stance, the archer should partake in which of the following actions?

    • Correct Answer
  6. Fine motor skills help develop which of the following?

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  7. A student is feeling stressed with the demands of his parents for him to get very high grades. He is also stressed about his relationship with his girlfriend because they are always fighting. He finds that eating lots of sweets is helpful in relieving some of the stress. If he continues doing this, which of the following is the most possible outcome to occur?

    • Correct Answer
  8. Which of the following is an official NASPE standard?

    • Correct Answer
  9. Which of the following organizations is responsible for making the international rules of soccer?

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  10. Which of the following stage of movement most clearly requires a lot of brainpower in motorskill learning?

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  11. What type of medication helps reduce inflammation?

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  12. Which of the following best describes ballistic stretching?

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  13. At what age are individuals allowed to have an ample amount of time for play?

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  14. How many minutes of physical activity does the US Department of Health and Human services recommend for youths to participate in every day?

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  15. In the context of physical education, what is a 504 plan?

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