TExES Health EC-12 (157) Practice Test & Study Guide

TExES 157 Health EC-12 Exam

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards, or TExES, is the name for the suite of teacher certification exams in the state of Texas. Among the exams featured in TExES is the Health EC-12 (157) exam, which certifies passing candidates to teach health education to students from early childhood through 12th grade.

The TExES Health EC-12 exam is a five-hour long computer-administered exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions. In order to pass, candidates should prepare to understand both the type of questions they will see on the exam as well as the nature of computer testing.

The content on the exam is defined by standards of health education, which are covered across five domains. These content domains are further divided into competencies test takers must understand in order to be a health educator.

Follow this TExES Health EC-12 study guide to learn about the content covered in these domains as well as important information to know before testing.

TExES 157 Health EC-12 Exam Testing Time and Format

The TExES 157 health EC 12 exam has a maximum time limit of five hours. Fifteen minutes is designated for a tutorial and compliance agreement. There are 100 questions on the exam, some of which may remain unscored and will not factor into the overall grade.

The exam is split into five domains, yet the domains are not split into different sections. Instead, the questions in each domain are spread across the entire exam. Candidates won't know for sure which domain a certain question refers to, so it's important to develop a well-rounded understanding of each of the five as well as the competencies within them.

Practice tests give you a better idea of the topics you have mastered and those you should keep studying.

Components of the TExES 157 Health EC 12 Exam

In order to succeed on the health certification test (Texas), candidates should be proficient in the four standards of Health Education for ages EC-12. These standards are are integral for successful education of students in health classrooms.


  • Health EC-12 Standard I - health and behavior as well as the factors that influence them.
  • Health EC-12 Standard II - communicating this knowledge to their students.
  • Health EX-12 Standard III - create lessons and instructional plans, as well as make cross-curricular connections in health instruction.
  • Health EC-12 Standard IV - evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional plan, including analyzing and assessing students.


There are five domains of questions covered on the TExES 157 Health EC-12 Exam:

  1. Personal Health
  2. Healthy Interpersonal Relationships
  3. Community and Environmental Health and Safety
  4. Health-Related Skills and Resources
  5. The School Health Education Program

Let's look at these domains in more detail.

Personal Health

The Personal Health domain assesses Standards I and II and makes up 26% of the TExES Health EC-12 exam. In order to demonstrate competence in this domain, candidates should be able to understand human body's systems and processes, growth and development, nutrition, physical fitness, diseases and disorders, and mental and emotional health.

Healthy Interpersonal Relationships

The Healthy Interpersonal Relationships domain comprises 20% of the Health EC-12 exam and assesses Standard I. This domain covers family relationships and dynamics, interpersonal relationships and human sexuality, as well as the way these factors influence personal health (both physical and mental). The beginning teacher should know how to effectively communicate these sensitive topics to their students.

Community and Environmental Health and Safety

The third domain covers community and environmental health and safety, making up 20% of the entire exam and covering both Standard I and Standard III. Topics include emergency prevention and response, the effects of alcohol and drug use/abuse, and factors that influence the health of a community or environment as a whole.

Health-Related Skills and Resources

The fourth domain is Health-Related Skills and Resources, covers Standard I, and makes up 20% of the total exam. Candidates will need to show understanding of the process of making informed decisions about health, as well as reliable sources of health-related information and services. Candidates should grasp the way culture and media influence personal health opinions.

The School Health Education Program

The fifth and final domain pertains to a candidate's ability to organize and implement health education within their classroom. This portion counts for 14% of the total TExES Health EC-12 exam and covers all four standards of health education. Candidates must be able to plan health instruction for students of all ages from early childhood through secondary school.

How to Register for the TExES 157 Health EC-12 Exam

The TExES Health EC-12 exam is administered by Pearson VUE. For TExES exam registration, future Texas teachers can register for the exam through the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program, and the test can be scheduled year round. Appointments are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the exam must be taken at an approved testing center.

How Much Does the TExES 157 Health EC-12 Exam Cost?

The cost of the Health EC-12 exam is $116. This fee can only be paid using a credit card or Visa or MasterCard debit cards.

What Are the TExES 157 Health EC-12 Testing Policies?

Test-takers must follow all testing center rules. These rules include checking in with a valid ID, leaving prohibited items (like phones, electronics, weapons, calculators, food and drink, etc.) outside the testing room.

Additionally, candidates should understand that they are only permitted to attempt the TExES Health EC-12 exam five times and must wait 30 days in between attempts.

How Is the TExES 157 Health EC-12 Test Scored?

All TExES scores, including the TExES 157 Health EC-12 exam, are computed on a scale of 100 to 300. 240 is considered a passing score for this exam, but different TExES exams have varying passing scores. Scores are reported to candidates via email, usually within one week of the test date.

TExES Health EC-12 Study Guide

Before taking the TExES Health EC-12 exam, candidates should understand the different domains, standards, and competencies they will be tested on. Since each domain is weighted differently, it's a good idea to devote more study time to domains that will make up a bigger portion of the score.

For example, the Personal Health domain makes up about 26% of the total score. That means candidates should plan on spending about a quarter of their total study time on this domain alone. On the other hand, the School Health Education Program domain only makes up about 14% of the total score. It's okay to spend less time studying this content.

There are many TExES resources available online for future Health educators to use when studying for the TExES Health EC-12 exam. TExES study guides and practice tests are the best way to become familiar with the question format and timing requirements.

TExES Health EC-12 Practice Test

This exam is made up entirely of multiple choice questions - that's why practice tests are such an important study tool! Utilizing a TExES Health EC-12 practice test can help familiarize test-takers with the style of questions, content breakdown, and exam format, as well as highlight areas where they need to study more.

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Zenobia Denny

Zenobia Denny, M.A. has been a dedicated educator for over 10 years. She holds teaching certifications in Elementary Education, Special Education, and ESL. She has taken and passed numerous Praxis and TExES exams, including the TExES Principal Certification exam. Zenobia completed an M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Walden University and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Gifted and Talented.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many domains are in the TExES Health EC-12 exam?

    There are five domains in the TExES Health EC-12 exam: Personal Health, Healthy Interpersonal Relationships, Community and Environmental Health and Safety, Health-Related Skills and Resources, and the School Health Education Program.

  • How many questions are on the TExES Health EC-12 test?

    This health teacher certification test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. Some questions may remain unscored and won't count towards your results.


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