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TExES Exams Overview

In the state of Texas, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) determines the process for teacher certification, which includes a series of exams. The TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards) is one part of the examination and certification process and is used to measure students' specific skills and knowledge in a given content area. Every aspiring teacher in Texas is required to take a TExES comprehensive exam to qualify them for entry-level positions in the state. The TExES includes 61 exams covering a range of subject areas, such as mathematics, social studies, science, art, dance, speech, business and finance, and more. Which exams prospective teachers need to take varies on their desired position. For example, a high school science teacher will need to pass the exam for TExES Science 7-12, while a special education teacher may need to pass the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing exam. All TExES exams have selected-response questions and some may also have constructed-response questions. Learn more about the TExES and its retake policy below.

TExES Exam Retake Policy

Should prospective students not pass a TExES exam on their first attempt, there is the opportunity for retaking the certification exam. Those who wish to retake a TExES exam must adhere to the TExES exam retake policy that specifically outlines the conditions and guidelines for a retake. Prospective teachers who fail to follow the retake policy will have to forfeit their scores. Below, we will explore details of the TExES exam retake policy in greater detail.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Retake a TExES Exam?

Prospective teachers who are wondering 'how long do you have to wait to retake a TExES exam' should know that there is a required 30 day wait period. As soon as test-takers have their scores posted from the original exam they are allowed to register for a retake. However, the retake cannot take place prior to 30 days from the original test date. On the opposite side, there is no deadline to when prospective teachers can retake the exam after the 30 day wait period. If test-takers try to retake the exam before their 30 days are up, Pearson and the TEA have the right to cancel the TExES scores.

How Many Times Can You Retake a TExES Exam?

Those wondering 'how many times can you take a TExES exam?' or a specific exam, such as 'how many times can you take the PPR exam?' should know that all TExES exams have a total limit of 5 attempts. This means prospective teachers can take the initial exam and then have up to 4 retakes. Exams that have multiple subtests within them, such as the Academic Skills or Core Subjects exams, teachers are allowed to retake the entire exam or a subtest until they are satisfied with their scores. However, each retake, whether the entire exam or one or more subtests, counts towards the total 5 attempts allowed. Once aspiring teachers have taken an exam 5 times, they are not allowed to retest unless they obtain a test-limit waiver. This waiver is offered by the TEA and requires an extensive 6-page application that requires test-takers to include their score reports, explain why they need an additional retake, and more.

TExES Exam Registration

TExES exam registration is available 24/7 online. The TExES exam registration process for a retake is generally the same as an initial registration for an exam, but students who are affiliated with an educator preparation program (EPP) will need to get permission from their program to retest. Generally, the EPP will provide a form that students must fill out and submit to obtain permission. In order to register for a TExES exam, students must:

  • Create a Pearson testing account
  • Enter TEA ID number to link TEA Educator Profile with account
  • Select the desired exam for registration
  • Select any needed alternative testing arrangements
  • Complete necessary background questions
  • Choose score reporting options
  • Pay for the exam (fees vary by exam)
  • Schedule exam by searching for available test sites and dates
  • Confirm and finalize appointment

Expert Contributor

Amy Lopez

Amy Lopez, M.A. is a high school teacher with over 8 years of experience teaching Family Consumer Science Education. She has passed the TExES PPR exam and the Praxis Family and Consumer Science Exam. Amy completed a B.S. in Family Consumer Sciences from Tarleton State University, an M.A. in Teaching from Grand Canyon University, and an Education Specialist degree from Northcentral University.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do you have to wait to retake a TExES exam?

    The TExES exam retake policy requires students to wait at least 30 days from the original test date before retaking a certification exam.

  • What happens if you fail the TExES exam?

    If students fail the TExES exam, they are allowed to retake the exam after 30 days. Students are allowed up to 5 total attempts to pass a certification exam.

  • How many times can you take a TExES certification exam?

    As part of the TExES exam retake policy, students are allowed a total of 5 attempts for each certification exam.

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