Praxis® Spanish: World Language (5195) Practice Test & Study Guide

Praxis Spanish: World Language (5195)

The Praxis is a series of exams that many states use to test the knowledge and preparedness of aspiring teachers; passing the Praxis is necessary to earn licensure or certification. The Praxis consists of the Praxis Core, the Praxis Subject Assessment, and the Praxis Content Knowledge for Teachers (CKT). The Praxis II Spanish World Language (5195) tests are made up of Praxis Subject Tests and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests, meaning it's designed to measure students' knowledge and skills specifically in the Spanish language. Below, we will discuss details of the Praxis II Spanish World Language test.

Practice tests give you a better idea of the topics you have mastered and those you should keep studying.

What is the Praxis Spanish: World Language (5195) Exam?

Students will likely take the Praxis 2 Spanish test if they plan on teaching Spanish at the elementary, middle, or high school level. This Praxis exam for Spanish teachers tests students' knowledge of the language and culture through listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. We will cover each knowledge section in detail below.

Some states may require the Praxis II Spanish exam as part of the licensure or certification process for teachers to help ensure that educators are proficient in the subject area. For example, the state of Kentucky requires the Praxis Spanish: World Language (5195) exam and a PLT exam (designated at different grade levels), for aspiring Spanish teachers. Candidates can opt to take Praxis at home or in person at a Praxis testing center.

How to Register for the Praxis 2 Spanish

Either format requires students to register prior to taking the exam. Praxis registration can be completed online, through the mail, or via phone; the phone route costs an additional $35. The Praxis test cost for taking the Praxis 2 Spanish exam is $170.

Spanish Praxis Study Materials

Students who need Spanish Praxis help will be glad to know that there is a wide range of Spanish Praxis study materials available. The ETS Praxis website provides several resources that can be used as a Praxis 5195 study guide. For instance, the Praxis Spanish Study Companion is a valuable source of information for students needing to take this Praxis test. It includes a breakdown of the format and content of the Praxis 2 Spanish exam, as well as information about test day and what to expect. The Study Companion also includes some Praxis test sample questions, methods for developing a study plan, and tips for performing well on the exam.

In addition to the Study Companion, the website offers a sample study plan, videos for Praxis exam preparation, and a built-in Spanish-language toolbar simulation that gives students a chance to practice with the toolbar that will be used on the exam. Students may also decide to purchase an interactive practice test to help them gauge if they are prepared for the exam or not.

Praxis Spanish Test Structure

As part of the Praxis Spanish test prep, students should be sure to thoroughly understand the content and structure of the Praxis exam. For Spanish Praxis 5195 practice, students can start by examining the time requirements for each section of the exam. The total time for the exam is 3 hours; during this time, test-takers must answer 75 selected-response questions and 6 constructed response questions. There are 4 main sections to the exam: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Spanish Praxis culture questions are included in the listening and reading sections. There are also 2 unscored sections of the exam designed for practice.

The time and question breakdown are as follows:

Section Title Number and Type of Questions Time for Completion
Listening with Cultural Knowledge Practice (not scored) 6 selected-response 10 min
Section 1 Listening with Cultural Knowledge 36 selected-response 50 min
Section 2 Reading with Cultural Knowledge 39 selected-response 50 min
Writing Practice (not scored) Optional constructed-response 5 min
Section 3 Writing 3 constructed-response 50 min
Section 4 Speaking 3 constructed-response 15 min

In Section 1, students listen to various Spanish recordings from broadcasts, dialogues, and other sources and are asked about what they heard. In Section 2, students read Spanish excerpts from newspapers and other literature and are asked questions about the culture and linguistics that they read. Section 3 tests students' ability to write in Spanish. Students are asked to respond to an email or letter, write an opinion essay, and complete a presentational writing sample based on a passage. Finally, Section 4 records students as they respond in Spanish to a question. Again, students will complete a question based on a passage, give their opinion on specific topics, and participate in a conversation.

Understanding Praxis 2 Spanish Scoring

Students wondering 'how difficult is the Spanish Praxis?' may want to better understand how the Praxis scoring system works. The various content categories on the Praxis 2 Spanish exam make up a different percentage of the exam, as listed in the table below:

Content Category Percentage of Exam
Interpretive Listening 26%
Interpretive Reading 26%
Cultural Knowledge (Tested in Section 1 and 2) 12%
Interpersonal and Presentational Writing 18%
Presentational and Interpersonal Speaking 18%

Once students have used a Praxis Spanish World Language study guide for Praxis exam preparation and then completed the exam, they must wait several days to receive their Praxis scores back. Selected-response questions are graded by the computer and given a total raw score that is then scaled to account for different editions of the exam.

Constructed-response questions take longer to score, as they are reviewed by 2 to 3 human scorers. Depending on the exam, these scores may simply be added together or they may be multiplied by a scoring weight to determine the raw point score. The raw point score is then converted to a scaled score.

On constructed-response questions for the Praxis 2 Spanish exam, students should be sure to form as complete of a response as possible; some questions may even have a minimum word count. The constructed-response questions on the writing and speaking sections of the exam are graded on a scale from 0 to 3, with 0 being low and a 3 being high. Answers that receive a 3 include various structures, vocabulary, and few grammatical errors.

Most states set the passing score for the Praxis II Spanish World Language test at 168; some states have lower Praxis passing scores. To find your state's passing score, check out the Praxis Minimum/Passing Score Requirements page on the ETS website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I prepare for the Spanish Praxis?

    Students can prepare for the Spanish Praxis by utilizing Praxis 5195 study guides and practice tests. Study tools for the Spanish: World Language Praxis exam may provide a breakdown of the content and format of the exam, sample questions, and assistance with formulating a study plan.

  • What is the Spanish Praxis test?

    Some states use the Spanish Praxis test to measure aspiring teachers' skills and knowledge of the language. Spanish Praxis study materials are available for students required to take the exam.


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  1. Choose the best word to complete the sentence: 'Conoces a Juan?, Sí, _____ conozco.
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  2. What is the meaning of the Spanish verb usar?
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  3. You would answer: Soy de Carolina to which of the following questions in Spanish?
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  4. How do you say It's cold in Spanish?
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  5. Choose the best word to complete the sentence: Jorge _____ el periódico cada día.
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  6. You are talking with a friend about your last vacation to Mexico, and you want to say that you were there last year. How would you say this in Spanish?
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  7. When would you wear 'pantalones cortos'?
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  8. The Spanish word trece refers to which of the following numbers?
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  9. Your friend tells you that Ahora son las tres. What time is it?
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  10. Choose the best meaning for the following sentence: Yo vivía en California.
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  11. Your friend calls to ask if you'd like to go see la nueva película de Angelina Jolie, but you've already seen it. How can you tell your friend I just saw it in Spanish?
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  12. Your Spanish friend says, El café está aquí. Where is the cafe?
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  13. Choose the best word to complete the sentence. Mi madre me _____ un regalo por mi cumpleaños.
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  14. Es alta may refer to which of the following persons?
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  15. If someone asks you, 'Cuál es la fecha? What do they want to know?
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