How to Study for the FTCE

What is the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE)?

The Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE), administered by the Florida Department of Education, provides the necessary licensure testing requirements for prospective educators interested in learning how to become a teacher in Florida. Specifically, the test consists of:

  1. The FTCE General Knowledge Test
  2. The FTCE Professional Education Test
  3. One of 39 subject area-specific tests (chosen by the prospective educator)

Qualifying FTCE scores, reported on a pass/fail basis, enable prospective educators to teach in the K-12 system in Florida's public schools and in some private schools.

FTCE Subtests & Assessments

Each of the FTCE subtests in the FTCE test suite assess different values and skills required of a professional educator in the state of Florida.

1. The General Knowledge test covers:

  • Essay response writing, including ability to convey an argument in a concise, clear and professional manner
  • Standard English grammar rules, word meanings and usage
  • Summary and interpretation of written text
  • Algebra, geometry, and statistics involving data and calculating numeric information

2. The Professional Education test covers:

  • Skills and strategies in course planning
  • Meeting the needs of diverse student learners
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Appropriate standards for professional and personal behavior
  • Ability to convey information in a relatable way
  • Sensitivity to the specialized needs of English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Knowledge of opportunities for professional advancement, such as data-driven analyses and technology-assisted interventions

3. The Subject Area Examinations test covers:

  • Skills and knowledge in the chosen subject matter, including natural and social sciences, mathematics, humanities, health professions, education, arts, and language
  • Grade level-specific testing options, such as middle school, high school, etc.

FTCE Exam Format & Areas

The format and exam duration for the Florida Teacher Certification Exam varies depending on the exam itself, but a general table below outlines the time and questions involved:

Test Time Allotted Questions
General Knowledge Test 50m - 1hr 40m 120 multiple-choice, 1 essay response
Professional Education Test 2hr 30m 100 multiple-choice
Subject Area 2hr 30m 70 to 110 multiple-choice

FTCE Scores

FTCE passing scores for the General Knowledge Test, Professional Education Test, and Subject Area examinations vary slightly across FTCE subtests, but are primarily pass/fail with a minimum score of 8 on a 12-point scale required for the essay response portion of the General Knowledge Test. Generally, more than half of prospective educators achieve an FTCE passing score for each.

How Many Questions Do You Need to Get Right?

While the Florida Teacher Certification Exam is primarily pass/fail, examinees must receive a scaled score of at least 200 on any individual exam and a score of at least 8 on any essay response question. This works out to about 60% to 75% correctly answered questions.

Florida Teacher Certification Exam Preparation

FTCE test prep is greatly assisted by the tips outlined in the following sections. Remember, more than half of prospective educators typically pass on their first attempt, and the FTCE retake policy provides opportunities to re-take the exam if necessary. Fortunately, with the appropriate level of time, energy and commitment, and the assistance of FTCE preparation tips, such as an effective preparation guide for FTCE exam practice, a well-planned strategy goes a long way.

Plan a Routine

In addition to becoming familiar with FTCE exam strategies, study tips, and exam preparation guides, maintaining a regular routine is also important. By having a laid-out schedule and using a to-do list, test takers can stay focused while also remaining flexible in understanding the amount of time needed to prepare for the FTCE. Fortunately, with the availability of many resources online and elsewhere, from practice tests to group preparation opportunities, prospective teachers have the ability to build a regular routine to meet this goal.

Understand the Exam Structure

While learning how to study general knowledge is key to passing each of the FTCE subtests, knowledge of FTCE exam structure is also vital to understanding how to best prepare for specific FTCE test questions in any one subtest or subject area examination. Specifically, strategies that can be used across each of the specific FTCE subtests and subject area examinations include becoming familiar with each of the values measured by each of the FTCE subjects as described above as well as reviewing source materials online and elsewhere directly related to the content that one finds most challenging.

Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses

After familiarizing oneself with specific values measured by each FTCE subtest, assess your knowledge level in relation to the content covered by each exam. Test-takers should take an FTCE practice test first to assess their strengths and weaknesses, prioritizing areas requiring further review. Creating a plan of study based on the results and seeking out relevant content in study guides, source materials, and elsewhere is a great next step to take in this phase of preparation.

Use Flash Cards

Flash cards are also a great resource to further enhance memorization and learning of key concepts, definitions, and terms. When used in combination with practice tests, study guides, and source materials, they can be a very useful tool complementing your existing Florida Teacher Certification exam preparation routine.

FTCE Practice Tests

FTCE practice tests not only allow a prospective teacher to become familiar with the types of FTCE questions appearing on the exam, but they also enable prospective educators preparing for the FTCE exam to gauge their progress over time. By reviewing mistakes one may have made in any one practice test for FTCE exam preparation, a prospective educator can focus their preparation more intently on areas where improvement is needed and keep track of progress in future practice tests over time.

Online Resources for FTCE

As already indicated above, the Internet is a tremendous resource for FTCE study guides, practice tests, and other content to aid test-takers in their preparation strategy before their chosen FTCE test dates. Both free and paid resources are available through government and test preparer sites, as well as universities and other independent preparation websites focused specifically on the tools and resources prospective educators need to excel on their path to becoming a certified educator in the state of Florida.

Prepare for the Examination Day

For the best opportunity to excel at the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, consult the following FTCE preparation tips from the checklist below:

  • Upon signing up for the FTCE, prospective educators will receive an email confirming their FTCE registration. Consult this email for exam date and time, test center address, and other important information.
  • Make sure to show up on test day at least 30 minutes early and to review all guidelines and restrictions, including bringing two pieces of valid, up-to-date identification and properly storing cell phones and other personal items. The last thing any test-taker wants is to experience unexpected disruptions on exam day!
  • Finally, incorporating even a modest amount of self-care time into one's FTCE test prep routine, such as mindful breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga, can go a long way to ensuring a positive outcome on the road to becoming a certified educator in the state of Florida. And, most of all, good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How difficult is the Florida teacher certification exam?

    Difficulty is a bit subjective, but with time and commitment in preparing for the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, the prospective educator will achieve their desired outcome of professional licensure in the state. More than half of prospective teachers pass the exam on their first attempt.

  • What are the three portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination FTCE?

    The three portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) are the General Knowledge Test, the Professional Education Test, and the Subject Area Examinations that includes 39 subjects to be chosen by the examinee. The tests vary in length but are each essential to achieving a passing score on the FTCE.

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