Florida Teacher Certification Exam Cost and Retake Fees

What Is the FTCE?

The Florida Teaching Certification Exam (FTCE) is a group of rigorous, computer-administered tests to measure prospective educators' knowledge and skills. Unlicensed candidates will need to take one or more of the FTCE tests to be certified as a teacher in the state of Florida. Exams in the FTCE suite include the General Knowledge Test, the Professional Education Test, and 39 Subject Area Examinations. The testing time for FTCE tests ranges from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes, and testing fees range from $32.50 for a single subtest to $150 for a full battery of tests. Test-takers can do their FTCE registration and pay for their test online through their FTCE account. They will also get their final test scores through this account. The FTCE is overseen by the Florida Department of Education and can be taken remotely or at a Pearson testing center.

FTCE Test Format and Content

Test-takers will need to take FTCE exams on a computer. Test questions are generally multiple-choice, although some tests have an essay or other written or performance component. Each test or subtest has its own designated number of questions and completion times. The General Content Knowledge Test includes subtests in English language skills, reading, and mathematics. It also contains an essay subtest. The FTCE Professional Education Test covers instructional design, planning, and delivery methods; developing appropriate learning environments; literacy and assessment strategies; and best practices for teaching English Language Learners. Test-takers should also be knowledgeable on the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida. Candidates can take the test for the FTCE Subject Area exam in various subject areas and grade levels.

Registering for the FTCE

FTCE registration is done online and requires test-takers to create an FTCE account. To begin the registration process, test-takers should log in to their FTCE account, select ''Register for the FTCE/FELE,'' and choose the test they wish to take. They will have one year to complete the registration process. They will go to the ''Open Registrations'' tab and choose their location, date, and time to finish registering. Payment will be required to hold the registrant's test appointment. Candidates can do this online with a VISA or Mastercard credit card or with a bank or debit card that does not require a PIN. FTCE costs vary from one test to the next, so test-takers should be sure to check with the FTCE website to find out what their testing fee will be. FTCE exams are delivered Monday through Saturday by appointment only. Pearson testing centers can be found all over the United States and include some military on-base test sites. The FTCE website includes a testing center location finder so test-takers can locate their nearest available testing site.

Florida Teacher Certification Exam Cost

Exam costs for the FTCE vary depending on what a test-taker takes and how they take it. Some FTCE tests have been divided into subtests or sections. The FTCE English 6-12 and Middle Grades English 5-9 are divided into two sections that must be taken together if taken for the first time. The General Knowledge, Elementary 3-6, and FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK 3 tests are divided into subtests; these can be taken either one at a time or all together. Initial FTCE costs for all tests are listed in the table below.

Test Initial Fee
General Knowledge Test
All four subtests $130
Three subtests $97.50
Two subtests $65
One subtest $32.50
Professional Education Test $150
English 6-12 and MG English 5-9 $150
Elementary Education 3-6 and Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3
All four subtests $150
Three subtests $150
Two subtests $150
One subtest $150
All Other Subject Area Examinations $150

There are additional fees that test-takers may wish to consider. If a test-taker comes within 10 scale score points or less of passing the FTCE, they have the right to ask for a FTCE score verification session. Test-takers have 45 days after the score report date to register for a review, but they cannot register until 31 days after the score report date. A score verification session cost is $75, which is refundable if the session results in a score change. Other fees that may be charged are a $10 fee for duplicate score reports and a $20 fee for clearing an account.

FTCE Retake Fee

Test-takers that do not pass the FTCE the first time may wish to retake the exam. Retake fees are the same as the initial test fees if retaking the entire test. However, test-takers that did not pass a particular section or subtest of the exam need only retake that portion of the test. Also, any subtest not taken with the initial test is charged the retake price. For instance, a test-taker that initially took two out of four subtests on the Elementary 3-6 test will be charged $65 to take the remaining subtests. A table with all FTCE retake fees has been included below.

Test Retake Fee
General Knowledge Test
All four subtests $130
Three subtests $97.50
Two subtests $65
One subtest $32.50
Professional Education Test $150
English 6-12 and MG English 5-9 $150 both sections, $75 single section
Elementary Education 3-6 and Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3
All four subtests $150
Three subtests $112.50
Two subtests $75
One subtest $37.50
All Other Subject Area Examinations $150

FTCE Fee Waiver

Test-takers who are members of the military or spouses of the military may be eligible for an FTCE fee waiver. This waiver covers initial test fees only and candidates must complete an online request through the Florida Department of Education and submit documentation. Candidates for the fee waiver must be:

  • A member of the United States Armed Forces or reserve who is serving or has served in active duty;
  • The spouse of an Armed Forces or reserve member who is serving or has served in active duty;
  • Honorably discharged veteran of the Armed Forces or reserves who served in active duty;
  • The spouse or surviving spouse of an Armed Forces or reserve member who served in active duty; or
  • The surviving spouse of an Armed Forces or reserve member who died while serving in active duty.

Candidates can find more information about this fee waiver at the Florida Department of Education's website.

FTCE Exam Scoring

FTCE test is scored differently depending upon the format of the test, subtest, or section. Multiple-choice questions are graded and then scaled to account for the difficulty of the exam. All multiple-choice tests, subtests, or sections have a passing score of 200.

The essay and performance components of the test are scored holistically by two independent raters. The two ratings are combined to calculate the FTCE official score report. The passing score for an essay or performance portion of a test is a raw score of 8. Subtest 2 for the German K-12 exam will require a score of intermediate/high to pass. Test-takers who wish to retake any portion of the FTCE would need to wait 31 days after their score reporting if they did not pass. If they received a passing score, they would need to wait 3 years before rescheduling the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the FTCE cost?

    The FTCE cost depends on which test you are taking and whether you are taking a full battery of tests or just a couple of subtests. Fees range from $37.50 to $150.

  • How many times can you take the teacher certification test in Florida?

    You may take an FTCE test as many times as you like. Remember, though, that you must wait 31 days before retesting if you did not pass and 3 years between testing if you passed.

  • How much is the retake fee for FTCE?

    Retake fees for the FTCE depend on which test you are retaking and whether you are retaking just a portion of the test or the whole thing. FTCE retake fees range from $37.50 to $150.

  • How much is the FTCE professional education test?

    The testing fee for the FTCE Professional Education Test is $150. If you need to retake the Professional Education Test, the retake fee is also $150.

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